25 Web Tools to Become Your Own Personal Trainer

August 3, 2011 | Fitness, Health

Most of us can’t afford a long-term program with a personal trainer. But many of us want to get in shape, with an exercise and nutrition program that works for us. The good news is that technology has made it possible for nearly anyone to learn about exercise, as well as nutrition. It’s possible to keep track of calories burned and calories taken in, and even to create a personalized plan and track your progress toward fitness goals.

If you are interested in improving your fitness level and living a healthier lifestyle, you can use the Internet to your advantage. And, because you are online, you can access your information and your personal program from anywhere. If you are interested in taking the next step to a better you, here are 25 web tools that can help you become your own personal trainer:

Exercise Tools

Use these tools to learn more about exercise, figure out how many calories you are burning, and how to target different muscle groups. These tools can help you with a program to change the way you work out.

  1. RunFatBoy: Motivational exercise tool that can help you put together an exercise plan that works for you. Start by assessing your level of fitness, and then getting a schedule.
  2. Web Fitness Tools: Use this free account to track your progress. Enter your weight, track your exercise, and use various tools to create your own exercise program.
  3. Mayo Clinic Fitness: Multimedia demonstrations, fitness basics, and in-depth information about proper exercise to help you learn what you should know.
  4. Workout Videos: Exercise TV provides helpful videos to show you how to do different exercises. Includes body sculpting, cario and more. Great information that can help you put together your own training schedule.
  5. CrossFit: If you are interested in CrossFit, you can use this site to put together your regimen. You’ll have a journal, and more.
  6. MyExercisePlan: You can put together an exercise plan to best reach goals. Helps you decide which muscle groups to target, and provides you with the tools you need to succeed.
  7. My Home Personal Trainer: Print-out a plan that works for you. Make an exercise schedule that is personalized to your requirements. You can create a variable schedule so that you do interesting new exercises.
  8. GymAmerica: Perfect for those who enjoy going to gym. Helps you create personalized gym workouts. Interactive software that provides help according to age, ability and other factors.

Nutrition Tools

Understanding optimum nutrition for the best fitness and health is important. Learn about protein and carbs, and how they affect your body. Find out how you can use this knowledge to improve your nutritional health.

  1. MyFoodDiary: You can keep track of your calories, and create a menu to help you get information on different types of food. A great web tool if you don’t mind the subscription fee.
  2. iVillage Food Videos: Helpful videos about proper nutrition. This tool can help you create nutritional meals, and create a personal training regimen that includes good food.
  3. MyPyramid Tracker: From the USDA, this tool helps you create healthy meal plans and track your nutrition.
  4. Calorie Count: You can learn more about what calories are in different foods, and the nutrition information that can help you make a good plan.
  5. NutritionVista: Have a customized nutrition plan made for you, and create a nutrition schedule that can help you reach your health goals.
  6. NutritionData: Learn more about what is in the food you eat, and use this detailed information to create a schedule that can work with your workout plan, and reach your goals.
  7. Online Nutrition Tool: Helpful food journal, customized nutrition plans, and recipes you can use as you devise your health goals.
  8. Eat Right: The American Dietetic Association provides a helpful nutrition tool that can provide you with the right information for making good decisions.

Fitness Program Tools

If you are looking for complete programs, and tools that can help you develop your own regimen, these tools can help you. Use these great tools to keep up with your program, as well as track your progress.

  1. Traineo: If you want to put together a training program to lose weight and get into shape, this site can help. Tools to help you create a plan and track your progress, as well as a community to help support and encourage you.
  2. PEERtrainer: A great program that can help you create a total fitness regimen to get in shape and find help people to keep you on track.
  3. iTrainHarder: Very helpful site that can help you create your own program. Learn about weight loss, body building, general fitness and nutrition. It is also possible to get some great recipes to help you along.
  4. Exercise Your Will Power: A collection of tools that can help you keep on top of your program. Create a personalized program with information on activities, calories, nutrition and more.
  5. SparkPeople: Put together your own diet and fitness plan. Find others to help motivate you, and accomplish all that needs to be done to reach your goals. It’s a site that has the tools to help you put together your own program and follow it to reach your desired result.
  6. Weight Mania Pro: Find out how you can improve your fitness level. Use this nutrition and fitness software to make a plan. You can be your own personal trainer, and reach your own health goals with the help of this tool, which can also help you track your progress.
  7. Free Trainers: Customize your own training plan in exercise and nutrition. You can reach your goals, and consider the options available to you for better fitness. Get into the shape you desire.
  8. Fitness.com: Articles, tools, trackers and more that can help you create the sort of exercise plan that will get you in shape and help you reach your health goals. Plenty of how-tos, recipes and more.
  9. HealthyGO: This web tool can help you put together the right plan for you, including exercise, fitness and more. Become your own personal trainer with the helpful information and how-tos on this site.

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