Scholarship Opportunities for Exercise Science Students

Exercise science students study anatomy, biology, physics, and other topics related to this field – and while getting a degree in this area can definitely improve you chances of getting hired in the nutrition, physical training, or dietician fields, degree programs in this area can be expensive. Since exercise science is a relatively new type of degree program as well, fewer colleges offer programs, which means that there aren’t as many affordable choices. Luckily, in this field, like in most, students can earn scholarships to help supplement what they pay toward tuition. Let’s take a look at the scholarships opportunities available for exercise science students:

Scholarships from Your School

One of the best places to find large scholarships if you want to earn a degree in exercise science is directly from the college you hope to attend. Colleges want the best and brightest students to attend their programs, so they offer scholarship packages to help you pay for tuition if you’re a top candidate. Schools typically consider your high school grades, volunteer activities, special talents/skills, and more when determining which students will receive scholarships. In addition, you may have to write a scholarship essay for the committee to consider, outlining your future goals, challenges you’ve overcome to go to school, or other topics that will help them decide which students should get the money for school.

American Council on Exercise Scholarships

If you attend certain schools (including Penn State University and Duke University), you might qualify for a scholarship from the American Council on Exercise. this group considers your academic coursework, community service activities, extracurricular involvement, and employment as it relates to your health career goals when choosing which students will receive the $1000 scholarships. The annual deadline for applying for these scholarships is in March, and in addition to student funds, they also have money available for college faculty in some cases.

American College of Sports Medicine Foundation

If you’re specifically interested in going into sports medicine after earning a degree in exercise science, you might qualify for some of the over $100,000 the American Colleges of Sports Medicine Foundation gives out every year. This money is given out in multiple different awards, going to students who meet qualifications for that specific scholarships (for example, some are specifically available to females while others are available to minorities).

Physical Therapy & Exercise Science Degrees

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences – For those interested in an MS in Human Movement, consider the online degree program at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences. This is a post-professional degree designed for working health and fitness professionals. Students have the opportunity to focus on Sports Conditioning, Geriatric Exercise Science, or Sports Psychology.
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California University of Pennsylvania – Those looking for a MS degree in Exercise Science will find a variety of convenient online programs at California University of Pennsylvania. This program offers specializations in Wellness & Fitness, Training & Injury, Sport Psychology, and Rehab Science. Additionally, students can take specific coursework in preparation for national certification exams.
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Benedictine University – If you are looking for a MS in Nutrition & Wellness, consider the online degree program at Benedictine University. This program is unique because it provides a life science-based foundational core. Students can select a concentration in nutrition or from the course selection. They are also prepared for certification exams.
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University of Massachusetts – If you are looking for a Certificate in Exercise & Nutrition, consider the online program at the University of Massachusetts. This program focuses on proper nutritional practices for sports and athletes. Research is an important component of the program and will be applied to explore the role of nutrition and exercise.
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Argosy University – Those looking for a MA in Sport-Exercise Psychology degree program will find a well-rounded, online program at Argosy University. This program is offered through Argosy University's American School of Professional Psychology. The curriculum is based on the educational requirements outlined by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology with a focus on ethical performance enhancement.
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University of the Rockies – Students looking for Psychology Degree in Health & Wellness should consider the online degree program at the University of the Rockies. This program provides you with cutting-edge research to advance the overall physical and psychological health of an organization and will help to enhance employees? nutrition and exercise.
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